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I'm Dr. Elissa Diamond-Fields. I have been practicing chiropractic and holistic healthcare since 1999. My own longtime health quest and dedicated yoga practice have a strong influence on how I work with my patients. I integrate chiropractic techniques, myofacial release techniques, breathing, craniosacral balancing and restorative yoga to help guide muscles and spinal joints back into balance, releasing tension and restoring proper movement and neurological function.

Many of the chronic issues that I see, result from what people are doing with their bodies all day long (ie: sitting at a desk/ computer, carrying toddlers, heavy bags, improper shoes, driving, pregnancy, etc...) 

 Our bodies can become imbalanced with restricted joints from impact events such as car accidents, falls, impact sports (football, lacrosse, snowboarding and hockey to name a few)

When joints become restricted, there is lack of blood flow and nutrition to the joint. Restricted movement can cause wear and degeneration to begin. Chiropractic adjustments restore proper movement and bio mechanics to spinal, pelvis and skull joints, helping to balance the nervous system that's housed within these structures.

My patients are coached on ergonomic solutions, stretches, posture strengthening, nutrition support and small lifestyle changes that go along way to promote long term healthy bodies. 

I work with many women prior to and throughout their pregnancies, assuring the healthiest home for their babies to grow. Parents often have their newborns seen here shortly after birth to assess and correct any issues related to birth trauma and or in utero constraint (crowding in late pregnancy).  

Kids and adults alike are recommended to get periodic chiropractic check-ups to ensure proper development and function, particularly if they experience "impact events", carry heavy book-bags, or sit with slumped posture. I spend a lot of time with my adult patients un-doing all of the compensations that occurred while they were young.

I believe that keeping our bodies strong, flexible and balanced is essential to long term health and function, especially given the lifestyle stresses that most of us face today. 

Check out radio show "Be Well with Beth O'Malley", with Dr. Diamond-Fields 03/27/17:

Techniques - Every body is different. I combine several techniques to address the specific needs of each patient and to balance their frame and neurological function.

Techniques include:

-Sacral Occipital Technique / Craniopathy / CMRT

-Thompson (Drop) Technique - Activator Technique

- Myofacial Release Technique  -  Chiro-Yoga Therapy 

-Pre-Natal Balancing (Webster Certified) (see prenatal page)

-Pediatric Chiropactic & Cranial Correction (more info )


-George Washington University - Liberal arts & sciences

-SUNY at Albany - B.A. Psychology - Cum Laude

-Life University, School of Chiropractic - Doctorate of Chiropractic - Magna Cum Laude


-Licensed in the States of CT and NY 

-National Board Examinations I, II, III and IV

-Physio-Theraputics Board Examination

-Webster (pre-natal) certification through the ICPA

-Completing Post-Doctoral Pediatric Certification - ICPA 

-Impairment Rating/ Disability 

-Ergonomics and Posture training (OSHA guidelines)

-Chiro-Yoga Therapy

-Cranio sacral balancing

-Infant Craniopathy   


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  • "Waking up with out a headache is like a whole new world! Many thanks to Dr. Diamond!"
    Laura D. - Stamford, CT