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At Stamford Family Chiropractic Center, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic and wellness care to our patients. We are excited to offer several services under one roof to foster radiant health and a balanced healthy body. 

Chiropractic and Cranial Correction - Caring for your body's structure

Gentle chiropractic adjustments work with your body to re-balance the spine and nervous system.

When joints in and around the cranium, spine and pelvis become restricted or mal-positioned (subluxated), the degenerative process is initiated and neurological function may be affected. 

One can prevent or limit degeneration and arthritic changes if they maintain good joint health. Joint imbalances and restrictions come from many sources, often by way of falls, impact sports, poor posture, excessive tension, computer jobs, poor mattress and carrying babies or toddlers one-sided and even the birth process itself. 

Whether infant, young or senior, your spine and body joints are important to get checked and balanced on a regular basis to ensure proper development and long term function.  

Pediatric Chiropractic and Craniosacral Balancing

Labor, delivery and toddler-hood can all  present challenges that may affect your child's growing and developing frame and nervous system.  We recommend a full cranial assessment on on any child with history of a difficult birth, use of forceps, any visible skull flattening, shape abnormality or hematoma. 

Studies show that not correcting non-synostotic Plagiocephaly (non-fused skull shape abnormalities) has been linked to developmental issues

Warning signs for infant imbalances include: Baby always keeps head turned to one side, irritability, digestive issues, difficulty latching, painful breastfeeding, failure to thrive, skull abnormalities& visibly large tongue. 

Craniosacral balancing techniques are used to gently restore balance to the infant/pediatric skull and body. 

All children may be at risk for spinal imbalances from falling, sports injuries, poor posture and heavy book bags. It's never too early to get your baby, child or teen checked!

The best time to deal with an issue is before it becomes one. 

Holistic Nutritional Counseling

Muneeza Ahmed is a certified nutrition and life coach, with a passion for pre and postnatal nutrition and well being.  Her mission is to help women prepare their bodies in the best possible way for birth and labor, eating well to support their pregnancy and recovering gently and easily after birthing. To support women who are dealing with infertility and multiple miscarriages to change their lifestyle to increase their chances of becoming pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy. She also works with women post partum helping them heal, adjust to new life with a baby, what diet best supports them at this time, helps support milk production and helps them achieve a healthy balanced weight.

Please visit  for more info


Health Workshops and On-site Classes

Posture and spinal screenings can reveal important health information and unlock the door to improved health and well-being. We provide workshops in places of employment, community events, health fairs and schools . Contact us today to arrange a workshop at your workplace or event.


To complement and enhance the healing effects of Dr. Elissa's  specific Chiropractic aligning sessions, we at Stamford Family Chiropractic Center also provide the following physiological therapeutic procedures:

  • Ultrasound
  • Interferential electrical muscle stimulation
  • Mechanical traction
  • Cryotherapy
  • Work hardening rehabilitation program

Prenatal Massage Therapy / Pre & Postnatal core recovery workshops /  Infant massage classes

by Ricki Ainbinder, LMT

Ricki has been with us in our Stamford office for several years and offers several types of full body therapeutic massage including

  • prenatal and post natal massage with specialty incline table
  • Swedish massage
  • sports orthopedic massage
  • deep tissue massage! Infant Massage Class - A wonderful hands on, and social, class that teaches parents and caregivers safe and beneficial techniques to soothe, stimulate and bond with your new baby.  Classes are 75 minutes and include discussions on the benefits of touch, learning your baby's cues, crying, colic, attachment and much more.

We will create a class for your group of 4 or more. Please call for info



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